Петриковская роспись, магазин сувениров

About Petrykivka painting

The decorative painting has become a brightest page in the book of history of Ukrainian people. The names of the craftspeople from the village of Petrykivka in the Dnipropetrovsk region are known far beyond Ukraine. Lace and graphically accurate ornament, which in the last century was developing as wall painting and household decoration, is now widely used in the art industry, book illustrations, decorations and и so on. A magical Petrykivka flower has burst forth on a splendid porcelain dish, like a mysterious pattern covering a silk cloth, like a precious stone shining on a lacquered souvenir box. 

 A unique Petrykivka ornament has its own old traditions, its figural language, technique and its own battery of artistic images. The traditions of painting, of original, mainly floral ornament developing on and on, have been handed down from generation to generation. Household items with Petrykivka painting on them, which are kept in museums, date back to the ХVII-ХІХ centuries. The ornament itself originates from the old traditional ornamentation that was widely used in the household of Zaporizhian cossaks, decorating the house, interior and weapons. 

A modern Petrykivka ornament is characterized, first of all, as a floral one. It is based on careful study of real forms of local flora and on creation on such a foundation of fantastic, non-existing flowers (for example, "luchyok" or "kucheryavka"). The motifs of garden (dahlia, asters, roses) and meadow (daisies, cornflowers) flowers and berries of arrow-wood, strawberries and grapes are widely used. A specific feature is also the representation of leaves, called the "fern", buds and feather-like lace leaves. The Petrykivka painters have a distinctively accurate eyesight measurement ability and twist of the wrist – all painters use no preliminary marked outlines, no measurement tools. Virtuosity of implementing is attained through the use of a thin brush made of cat hair. Besides the brush, the Petrykivka craftsmen use footstalks, chips, and to paint berries and some flowers they just apply a finger.